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Oregon, United States

I am:

  • A Gamepedia Wiki Manager, and the manager for this wiki, so let me know if there's anything I can do to help!
  • The GRASP "leader", so let me know if they're being meanies.
  • An Abuse Filter expert and the primary manager for Gamepedia's global abuse filters, so let me know if they're causing trouble.

If you wish to contact me, whether for a question, concern, or disagreement, you can leave a comment below, leave a message on my Talk Page (remember to sign your post with ~~~~), Emailing me, or message me on Discord (Mr Pie 5#0005; I do not accept random friend requests, if we don't share a server you can join the Fandom/Gamepedia server to DM me, and if you're an editor that's a good server to be in anyways). Please keep in mind that I am not part of any game's development or administration team; I can help with wiki problems, and may be able to offer advice about your game, but I have no more power over the game itself than you do.

If I don't respond within 48 hours (although I'm usually much faster than that), I probably didn't notice or accidentally dismissed the notification and forgot, in which case you should message me again. If I say I'm going to do a thing and several days go by without me doing the thing, I probably got sidetracked and forgot I was supposed to do the thing, in which case you should remind me.

I also have a bot who likes to do repetitive tasks: MrBot5. If you think you have a job that would be good for him, let me know.

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